Episode 53: Waffling in a Winter Wonderland – December 2021

It’s December 2021 and Claire takes the anchor role this month as Ben and Becca are still getting over the jetlag, Gill is trying to hold down the roof in Wales and John is busy warming his chestnuts by the fire.Sadly, Peter is a little under the weather so not coming out to play this month.

First of all we hear about the two amazing Disney Park visits that our Wafflers have enjoyed. Ben and Becca made it to Walt Disney World on the very first day of the boarders being open, and not only met up with many friends of the show that we have all made in the last two years, but also made it onto BBC Radio, National TV News and even Disney UK’s own social channels! They will need their own agent soon to manage their own Meet & Greet!

We talk about crowds, resorts, food and also Disney Genie. It sounds like it was an action-packed trip.

Gill and Peter also made a visit to Disneyland Paris last month and whilst some of the Studios park remains under construction for the exciting Marvel Avengers Campus which opens in 2022, they had a lot of fun enjoying the seasonal offerings in our local parks. It wasn’t even too cold!

Next on the schedule of events, the team talk about their favourite festive offerings in the parks over the years. It’s amazing all the different things that we enjoy and how it all builds together to make it the happiest Season ever!

Finally, we all reflect on what a year 2021has been, and think about what is planned in 2022 for everyone.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Episode 52: Doom-Buggies, Dinosaurs and Donkey Sauce – November 2021

Welcome to the November 2021 edition of The Great British Mickey Waffle.

This month, Sammie is on host duty as she navigates us through talking all things scary rides as she tries to cling on to what is left of the spooky season.

Then it’s finally her turn to take us through her RIDE, EATERY AND EXPERIENCE/SHOW for our Come Disney With Me segment! How will Sammies choices fare? Tune in to find out!

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Episode 51: Marcus Vowell Shares A Waffle – October 2021

For our October 2021 Shares a Waffle, we are delighted to be joined by someone who is an actor, a photographer, a Disney fan and someone who is part of the hilarious podcast Accidentally Derivative.

He is probably even more than that but we are limited to the text space!

Welcome to Marcus Vowell, who not only shares his love of Walt Disney World, but also gives us an insight into his first live viewing of HarmonioUS, his Disney dream dining companions and so much more!

A show filled with some wonderful reflections on the past and a shared Waffle of the place we all love.

With John as our host, together with Ben and Claire you can be assured of a deep dive into all things Disney, to share a Waffle with someone who really does share that same passion for the parks that we all do, you can sit back and just take yourself there with us all too.

You can find Marcus on all his socials @marcus.vowell and his website too http://www.marcusvowell.com
Make sure you check out the podcast Accidentally Derivative where Marcus is joined by Jason Canapp to discuss the wonders of Dishwasher Stacking, British TV, Starch Madness and much, much more -it makes for hilarious listening.

This mid-month Waffle is a show you won’t want to miss a minute.

Hope you enjoy it and until the next time – Waffle on!

Episode 50: The Golden Waffle – October 2021

It’s our 50th Show and It’s the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World.

Come and join our celebrations as John is given the task of overseeing the Waffle about The Happiest Stay-cation Cruises that ever set sail on The Disney Magic and he also gets to choose his ‘Come Disney with Me’ selections with some rather emotional results – keep the tissues handy!

Can you guess what his choice for each of these will be?

  • A ride or attraction 
  • A Restaurant or Snack location 
  • A Show, Parade or experience 

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There is just one thing left to say…  

Happy 50th and Waffle On!

Episode 49 – Theme Park Bazza Shares a Waffle – September 2021

It’s September, and time for our middle of the month Shares a Waffle show

John, Claire and Ben share a Waffle, a laugh, a bag of Pear Drops and so much more with the English enigma that is ThemeParkBazza!

We share his journey from the UK to the USA and his recent move to Orlando, this is a must listen show, for anyone who has that dream of moving to the sunshine state, or indeed for those of us who just dream!

Bazza, has set YouTube alight with his humour through his vlogs from the parks and his DIY handy hints and tips videos that are superb (even telling us about recent  advice from his own Mum!) He is also joined by his wife to review some food places in Orlando too- take note Gordon Ramsay!

We had such a great Waffle taking us from Blackpool to Orlando and back again, this is a show that really will put a smile on your face.

Barry proved to be a superb guest – in Claire’s words “ So dead normal !!l” he faced our Carousel of Questions and told us about his dinner party plans. He also shared so much advice about the things you look for if you are planning to buy property in the Orlando area, plus a great reminder about fireworks at Magic Kingdom too!

Barry can be found on all his socials @ThemeparkBazza, well worth checking out

Enjoy the show and until the next time,

Waffle On!

Episode 48: You Never Had a Plan Like Me – September 2021

Having recently sailed with Captain Mickey and Captain Minnie, Gill takes the helm, steering us through uncharted waters. She’s joined by Peter, Ben, Becca and Claire as we discuss the first conundrum of a holiday to Walt Disney World – to plan or not to plan?

Welcome to the September 2021 episode of The Great British Mickey Waffle.

Then Gill takes us on a virtual trip to the parks as we discuss her choices in this month’s ‘Come Disney With Me’. Let’s just say there is more than one candidate for ‘song you’ll have stuck in your head all day’ – you have been warned!

The Main Street Trolley Show

Episode 47: 999 Happy Hymns – August 2021

Welcome to the August 2021 episode of The Great British Mickey Waffle.

This month Peter takes the chair.  He is joined by Ben, Becca, Gill, John, Sammie and our overseas correspondent Claire. Peter has chosen a signature restaurant, a show that is not that summer like, and a well loved attraction for his Come Disney with Me. How well will he score?

With the 50th anniversary of WDW on the horizon, John leads the whole team in a discussion of the news coming out of the Parks, and From Golden Statues to new shows there is plenty to talk about.

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Episode 46: Interview with Kate Herron – July 2021

This very special bonus episode of the Great British Mickey Waffle rounds off our amazing month of Marvel!

Claire, Ben and Becca were so excited to be able to have the opportunity to “Share a Waffle” with none other than Kate Herron, director of the recently concluded season 1 of the Marvel Disney + Series: Loki.

Kate had lots to tell us about her experiences shooting Loki.We discussed her favourite scene to create, what it was like being part of the MCU, and the incredible opportunity to work with the best SFX team in the business.

We also had the chance to probe a little into the clever Easter eggs left around the show, how B15 was originally written as a male role, and also what it feels like for her to be handing the show across to a different director for Season 2 and whatever mischief it will bring.

We even discussed Mobius and his Jet Ski!

We are so grateful to Kate for spending her time chatting to us, joining us in geeking out about Loki and Marvel, and even pondering the concept of Alligator Loki perhaps appearing in a parade one day… stranger things have happened!

We hope you enjoy this extra special episode- so far this has been a highlight of our podcast journey!

Episode 45: Lisa DiNoto Glasser Shares A Waffle – July 2021

In this bonus Shares a Waffle this month we are joined by Lisa Di Noto Glassner, a friend of the show from places such as the WDW Radio and Here with the Magic Online Communities.

This is a show not to be missed!

John is joined by Claire, Ben and Becca as Lisa shares her Disney story and how she ended up moving to Orlando. How her passion for running has become an integral part of her daily routine and so much more.

As always, we asked Lisa to complete our Carousel of Questions and to choose her dining companions too. She also manages to find the definitive answer to our ongoing Nemo versus The Lion King show conundrum!

There was so much to share in this show, Lisa proved to be an inspiring guest and much of her life is shared on her own ongoing and up to date blog at www.thecastlerun.com just click on whatever part of the website catches your fancy – there is much to see and enjoy.

We also managed to discuss those magnificent Disney scents that you can make the connection back to your happy place, with her core memory candles venture now available to ship to the UK from her website.

She also tells us about the wonderful return of fireworks to Magic Kingdom and Epcot and just how quiet the night skies have been for far too long.

A show not to be missed, with a guest who has fulfilled that dream we possibly all share!Lisa can be found at the www.thecastlerun.com and please do have a read of some of her ‘Life’ blog too, stories that will prove inspiring, funny or indeed heartbreaking – a  blog that has so much and is worth checking out to read at your leisure.

She can also be found on instagram @thecastlerunner and her facebook community @The Castle Run. For her blog, news and Disney scents galore check out thecastlerun.com

Episode 44: Michael Tatsch Shares A Waffle – July 2021

For the latest episode in our ‘Shares a Waffle’ series we are joined by Michael Tatsch, of ‘Mike and Kathy’s Videos’.  

John, Gill and Peter welcome him to share a waffle and face our Carousel of Questions.  We also discuss some of the great times that he and his wife Kathy have enjoyed at WDW, as well as their method of travelling to the magic, which will be a new one for us Brits! 

You can find videos of their trips on their YouTube channel Mike and Kathy’s Videos and get in touch with Michael on Facebook @MichaelTatsch

A video of their very special 1912-style photo session can be seen here:

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