Episode 56: Katie Whetsell Shares A Waffle - January 2022
The Great British Mickey WaffleJanuary 15, 2022x
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Episode 56: Katie Whetsell Shares A Waffle - January 2022

We Found Dory!  

For our January 2022 Shares a Waffle, we meet a Storyteller, Magic Maker and someone who illuminates your path in life, we warmly welcome Katie Whetsell to the Waffle family.  

A former performer at Finding Nemo The Musical, along with so many other Musical Theatre roles both national and international, along with a range of Disney roles on DCL and in Walt Disney World. She also has a skill for English accents!  

A show about resilience in the face of adversity, together with a belief and an understanding that it is never too late to reinvent and refresh your life.   This is such a blast of positivity to brighten up your January.  

We share a waffle, much laughter, a tear (or two) , a unique Carousel of questions and just the most honest and magical chat with such a special person.  If you listen carefully you will also find some untold stories about Car Parking and Canoe Racing!  

A show that you won’t want to miss and you will play back again just for the finer details and laughs. You can find additional information about Katie on her website www.katiewhetsell.com  

Enjoy the show and until the next time…  Waffle on!!