Episode 51: Marcus Vowell Shares A Waffle - October 2021
The Great British Mickey WaffleOctober 15, 2021x
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Episode 51: Marcus Vowell Shares A Waffle - October 2021

For our October 2021 Shares a Waffle, we are delighted to be joined by someone who is an actor, a photographer, a Disney fan and someone who is part of the hilarious podcast Accidentally Derivative. 

He is probably even more than that but we are limited to the text space! Welcome to Marcus Vowell, who not only shares his love of Walt Disney World, but also gives us an insight into his first live viewing of HarmonioUS, his Disney dream dining companions and so much more! 

A show filled with some wonderful reflections on the past and a shared Waffle of the place we all love. With John as our host, together with Ben and Claire you can be assured of a deep dive into all things Disney, to share a Waffle with someone who really does share that same passion for the parks that we all do, you can sit back and just take yourself there with us all too. 

You can find Marcus on all his socials @marcus.vowell and his website too www.marcusvowell.com 

Make sure you check out the podcast Accidentally Derivative where Marcus is joined by Jason Canapp to discuss the wonders of Dishwasher Stacking, British TV, Starch Madness and much, much more -it makes for hilarious listening. 

This mid-month Waffle is a show you won’t want to miss a minute. 

Hope you enjoy it and until the next time – Waffle on!