Episode 50: The Golden Waffle - October 2021
The Great British Mickey WaffleOctober 01, 2021x
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Episode 50: The Golden Waffle - October 2021

It’s our 50th Show and It’s the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World

Come and join our celebrations as John is given the task of overseeing the Waffle about The Happiest Stay-cation Cruises that ever set sail on The Disney Magic and he also gets to choose his ‘Come Disney with Me’ selections with some rather emotional results – keep the tissues handy! 

Can you guess what his choice for each of these will be? · 

  • A ride or attraction
  • A Restaurant or Snack location
  • A Show, Parade or experience 

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There is just one thing left to say… 

Happy 50th and Waffle On!