Episode 45: Lisa DiNoto Glassner Shares A Waffle - July 2021
The Great British Mickey WaffleJuly 15, 2021x
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Episode 45: Lisa DiNoto Glassner Shares A Waffle - July 2021

In this bonus Shares a Waffle this month we are joined by Lisa Di Noto Glassner, a friend of the show from places such as the WDW Radio and Here with the Magic Online Communities. 

This is a show not to be missed! John is joined by Claire, Ben and Becca as Lisa shares her Disney story and how she ended up moving to Orlando. How her passion for running has become an integral part of her daily routine and so much more. As always, we asked Lisa to complete our Carousel of Questions and to choose her dining companions too. She also manages to find the definitive answer to our ongoing Nemo versus The Lion King show conundrum! 

There was so much to share in this show, Lisa proved to be an inspiring guest and much of her life is shared on her own ongoing and up to date blog at www.thecastlerun.com just click on whatever part of the website catches your fancy – there is much to see and enjoy. We also managed to discuss those magnificent Disney scents that you can make the connection back to your happy place, with her core memory candles venture now available to ship to the UK from her website. She also tells us about the wonderful return of fireworks to Magic Kingdom and Epcot and just how quiet the night skies have been for far too long. 

A show not to be missed, with a guest who has fulfilled that dream we possibly all share! Lisa can be found at the www.thecastlerun.com and please do have a read of some of her ‘Life’ blog too, stories that will prove inspiring, funny or indeed heartbreaking – a  blog that has so much and is worth checking out to read at your leisure. She can also be found on instagram @thecastlerunner and her facebook community @The Castle Run. For her blog, news and Disney scents galore check out thecastlerun.com