Episode 39: Do or do not, there is no DDP - May 2021
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Episode 39: Do or do not, there is no DDP - May 2021

Disney Dining Plan – to do or not to do!!  Sounds simple or sounds daunting, hope we can help!

Claire takes the anchor duties for the first time in quite a while, joined by the whole team of John, Sammie, Gill, Peter, Ben and Becca to continue that discussion from the past few months. Food…. and especially trying to ascertain “Is the DDP EVER really free?”

We recognise that the dining plan isn’t currently an option,but looking forward to planning and booking into 2022 and beyond, we thought it was definitely something worth waffling about to help plan your next trip to WDW.

The food talk will most certainly make you hungry and remind you of those restaurants you really love.

A new feature, brand new for May, we introduce “Come Disney with Me”.

It’s a Wafflers’ take on the classic TV shows similar to Come Dine with Me, where every month, one Waffler will take the opportunity to present 3 things to the GBMW team and ask for their ratings and views!

Once you listen,  join in on our socials to share your thoughts too as this is a fantastic way to share some of the things we know,  love or possibly don’t, throughout Walt Disney World.

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Enjoy the show and Waffle On!