Episode 29: Disney World Freak shares a Waffle - December 2020
The Great British Mickey WaffleDecember 16, 2020x
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Episode 29: Disney World Freak shares a Waffle - December 2020

For this special ‘waffle’ we are joined by Disney World Freak or more politely the wonderful Carlos Esteves who apart from loving all things Disney , is just back from a family Disney vacation to Walt Disney World.

John, Sammie, Ben and Becca welcome  Carlos to share a waffle and chat especially about his recent trip. His car journey from Rhode Island, discovering the magic of Rise of the Resistance and providing a wonderful and helpful insight as to the current experience in the Disney Parks.

He also faces the challenge of our Carousel of Questions and we also find out much, much more about him, his family and his passion for Disney. We also talk about Give Kids the World and the amazing lightshow seen in Orlando this Winter– The Night of a Million Lights is incredible.

If you click on this link https://www.gktw.org/lights/  you can view it  and please click through if you want to donate to this fantastic cause.

You can find Carlos online  @Disney_World_Freak on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. On Twitter he can be found @CoachEsteves

You can also watch him hosting his own shows on YouTube – Weekend Wakeup on a Saturday and Shooting the Breeze in midweek. Together with his very first vlogs about

This was such a great show to record, he has promised to return to waffle on about all the things we never got time to chat about in the future!

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Waffle on!!