Episode 25: Collin Kendall shares a Waffle - October 2020
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Episode 25: Collin Kendall shares a Waffle - October 2020

For this very special episode - Ben, Becca, Claire & John are joined by Collin Kendall, Disney blogger, photographer and writer behind Guide4WDW. 

Collin also hosts the regular weekly “After hours - Let’s Talk Disney” live Facebook and YouTube show on a Thursday night with his friends Jason Canapp (whom we interviewed back on show episode 15) from Here with the Magic and Carlos Eduardo Silva (whom we interviewed back on show episode 24) from Ponto Orlando and Ponto Miami. 

We had so much fun talking to Collin - we covered all sorts of topics- from capturing some amazing photographs in WDW, who he would invite to a dinner party with Walt Disney and challenging him to our Carousel of Questions. 

You can find Collin on Instagram and Facebook @Guide4WDW and his website is www.guide4wdw.com 

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