Episode 12: The Backside of Water - April 2020
The Great British Mickey WaffleApril 01, 2020x
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Episode 12: The Backside of Water - April 2020

The GBMW tell you where to go!

Claire is our host this month after being AWOL in March, and it’s all change for everyone after the world-wide pandemic of CoronaVirus has us all isolated and socially distancing.

The topics are varied and we start with an important subject of where to go? The only attraction that almost every guest is guaranteed to visit - the rest rooms. The team discuss their favourites and those they avoid.

Next up is Peter’s Carousel of Questions - if any of you fancy trying your hand at our ten questions, then get in touch at themickeywaffle@gmail.com

We have some exciting breaking news for the 1st April from John, then the team take part in a challenge to find their favourite attraction from the 16 Claire has selected.

The team have some really special Mickey Mentions this month and as always, Waffle On!