What Happens When You Try Napping at Disney World?

What Happens When You Try Napping at Disney World?

What Happens When You Try Napping at Disney World?

It's no secret that any trip to Walt Disney World can be an exhausting experience. Whether you are running to a Cosmic Rewind boarding group call or dashing to get to that golden location for the three o'clock parade; the tiredness can be real, and it may hit you hard when you possibly don't expect it!

Strategic snoozing can be a life-saver in any WDW trip, and we all have our favourite locations for a little power-nap (although we may not readily admit to it).

Where has the most comfortable seating? Where is the air conditioning at just the correct level? On this show, the team discuss their favourite planned, or unplanned, locations on property where catching "40 winks" is a refreshing, and at times vacation saving, experience!

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