Picture Perfect: Disney Park Photography Tips and Tricks

Picture Perfect: Disney Park Photography Tips and Tricks

Welcome to this Mid-Month episode where we dive into the world of photography, exploring tips and tricks for capturing memories during your Holidays.

John is in charge and joined by Peter, Becca, Ben and Neil from Portwood Travel, we discuss how to make your holiday memories memorable and find unique places around the parks to take stunning snaps. We'll explore the best locations for taking memorable photographs at Disney Parks, starting with Magic Kingdom and its iconic castle.

We also discuss the advantages of camera photography over smartphones, the creative opportunities at EPCOT, and capturing the perfect roller coaster shots.

Join us as we delve into the challenges of low-light photography for fireworks displays and explore unique and innovative angles for capturing unforgettable images. By the end of this show, you may be inspired to grab your camera and start creating your own memorable Disney Park photographs!

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