Must Do's at Disney's Animal Kingdom | Wafflers' Wednesday

Must Do's at Disney's Animal Kingdom | Wafflers' Wednesday

We are big fans at GBMW and want to share our love of Disney's Animal Kingdom and would love you to join is in the chat for this show and tell us why you enjoy this park.

Since it opened on Earth Day 1998 (20th April for those wanting to know!), Disney's Animal Kingdom has delighted guests in the fact that is is different.

Lush green landscaping, living waterways and a safari over 100 acres in space are interspersed with high-energy thrill attractions and Broadway quality shows.

The vision of Joe Rhode was to create something unique, true to history and the landscapes and cultures represented across the park, and we all have our favourite areas we have to experience on every visit.

With a strong ethical ecology message backing up many of the attractions, this is a park that despite being hotter than a furnace in hell on a summer day, has a special feel that really transports guests away from their day to day lives.

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