Must do Epcot | Walt Disney World | Epcot Center

Must do Epcot | Walt Disney World | Epcot Center

How do you feel about EPCOT, or "EPCOT Center" as so many of us still refer to it? Here at GBMW, we love this unique park and the diversity that it offers us on any chosen day.

From high-energy E-ticket attractions like Cosmic Rewind and Soarin' to the relaxing and educational experience of slow wander around World Showcase, maybe even with a unique or stereotypical national snack or beverage, there is so much to offer every age of guest.
Do you know all the amazing things there are to discover? Have you missed the train garden in Germany, or even the epic Impressions de France film that is only available in the evening?
The team will chat about all their "must do" experiences in EPCOT, and that isn't just about the Grey Goose Slushie!

Our Wafflers' Wednesday shows are on every Wednesday at 8.30pm UK time and we get together and share our thoughts about one particular topic.

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