🔴 LIVE: Disney World's Closed & Classic Attractions

🔴 LIVE: Disney World's Closed & Classic Attractions

Join us as, we explore the world of Walt Disney World's closed attractions.

From beloved classics to short-lived experiments, we take a journey through the history of the park's rides and shows that are no longer in operation.

We start with a look at some of the early attractions that closed in the 1970s, such as the "If You Had Wings" ride and the "Mickey Mouse Revue" show.

Next, we move on to some of the more recent closures, including the fan-favorite "Maelstrom" ride at Epcot and the "Great Movie Ride" at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

We look at why these attractions were closed and what has replaced them, including the innovative new ride "Frozen Ever After" and the exciting "Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway."

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