How would you spend your birthday at Disney? - June 2022

How would you spend your birthday at Disney? - June 2022

It’s our third birthday celebration and you have an exclusive invite.

Come and join the fun, as we celebrate three years of Waffling.

With John as the party host and Ben with an unlimited budget, it proves to be a celebration to remember!

For our birthday, we thought we would treat you to all the joys, surprises and magnificence that Disney has to offer in order to celebrate a day come true!

It has a bit of a twist, in true Waffler style, as we unveil the perfect way to celebrate our very own Day at Disney for every single price range with some amazing ideas to help make plans for your own future celebrations too.

We also subject Peter to the new Carousel of Questions with some very food related responses!

3, certainly is the magic number!

Enjoy the show, and a huge thank you, for all your support and friendship in making such a positive and supportive difference in our first three years. It is appreciated so much.

As always…

Waffle on!!

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