Fireworks Spectaculars! #waltdisneyworld #fireworks

Fireworks Spectaculars! #waltdisneyworld #fireworks

The end of any Disney day can be characterised by the spectacular fireworks and shows that friends, families and even complete strangers gather together to enjoy.
We absorb the magic of these shows with gasps of "oohs" and "aahs" regardless of how many times we may have seen them in the past.

Periodically, Disney updates the show and we have the opportunity to experience new music, lights, and displays which allows us to find our inner child and just absorb the wonder.
This week, the team discuss some of the firework shows, past and present, that create special memories for guests all over the parks.

Our Wafflers' Wednesday shows are on every Wednesday at 8.30pm UK time and we get together and share our thoughts about one particular topic.

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