Episode 46: Interview with Kate Herron - July 2021

Episode 46: Interview with Kate Herron - July 2021

This very special bonus episode of the Great British Mickey Waffle rounds off our amazing month of Marvel!

Claire, Ben and Becca were so excited to be able to have the opportunity to “Share a Waffle” with none other than Kate Herron, director of the recently concluded season 1 of the Marvel Disney + Series: Loki.

Kate had lots to tell us about her experiences shooting Loki.

We discussed her favourite scene to create, what it was like being part of the MCU, and the incredible opportunity to work with the best SFX team in the business.
We also had the chance to probe a little into the clever Easter eggs left around the show, how B15 was originally written as a male role, and also what it feels like for her to be handing the show across to a different director for Season 2 and whatever mischief it will bring.

We even discussed Mobius and his Jet Ski!

We are so grateful to Kate for spending her time chatting to us, joining us in geeking out about Loki and Marvel, and even pondering the concept of Alligator Loki perhaps appearing in a parade one day… stranger things have happened!

We hope you enjoy this extra special episode- so far this has been a highlight of our podcast journey!

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