Episode 42: Zac Brown Shares A Waffle - June 2021

Episode 42: Zac Brown Shares A Waffle - June 2021

It’s June which means it’s time for another episode in our “GBMW Shares a Waffle” series.
This month Claire, ably assisted by Ben, Becca and John, had the absolute pleasure in chatting with the always chipper, cheery and very interesting Zac Brown.

No, not THAT Zac Brown (the one with the band), but OUR Zac Brown - the one who is a part of many of the Disney communities we love to be part of regularly.

Zac’s own podcast - The Zac Brown Show - has been around for about 18 months and it features him having some really fabulous conversations with a huge variety of guests. Some of the most notable are Trader Brandon (Brandon Kleyla) who was an Imagineer working on Trader Sam’s; musician Corey Jess, and some well known friends of the GBMW - Jason Canapp, Carlos Silva and of course Lou Mongello.

Zac proved to be a superb guest - he faced our Carousel of Questions and told us about his dinner party plans. We talked about our excitement for the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Coaster and he discussed with us what motivates him about leaving a legacy (not the EPCOT tiny photo version) and why music is so important in his life.

We had so much fun with Zac, and it’s highly likely that he will be back - there was so much more to talk about!

We love it when a guest has more to say than we do (and this is pretty difficult when John is in the team) - this was definitely one of those shows!

The Zac Brown Show can be found on your podcast provider of choice, and he can be followed on Instagram @thezacbrownshow and @itszacbrown.
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