Episode 16: Wafflers: Age of Cardboard - Birthday Special - June 2020 - Audio Only

Episode 16: Wafflers: Age of Cardboard - Birthday Special - June 2020 - Audio Only

In this episode, Lloyd takes the reins as we virtually get together for our 1st Birthday party. As the sun rises on the parks once again, we feel a wave of positivity for future visits and all agree it’s the right time to talk about what we miss the most, or in brighter times what we look forward to the most.

We have the last Carousel of Questions in our quick-fire decision series. This time John takes us through his answers. You will all have seen the Guardians of the Galaxy refresh to the Tower of Terror over in Anaheim. Some love the change of theme to what is, in essence, the same ride. This gets the team thinking about which rides would suit a new theme. Anything is up for grabs, even IPs within the Marvel and Star Wars galaxies. Some of the Wafflers are in the wrong job, Imagineering here they come!

We have the usual ‘Mickey Mentions’. Not so many trip announcements this time, but plenty of birthdays and anniversaries for the team to send a well-timed “congratulations” to. We also learn that Lloyd was tricked into filming a cooking show with Peter. That video is now available on our YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/WginwPvb3t8

Round three of the, It’s a Disney Knockout competition is another tough one. The Wafflers are forced to choose entertainment and centrepieces for the Birthday Party. Lots of intense thinking and even remorse for some of the selections. Also, check out our It’s a Disney Knockout rounds on our social media pages. The team are really interested to see what you would choose.

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