Disney Fairy Tale Weddings - August 2022

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings - August 2022

It's August 2022 and we are recording this on the hottest day of the year and have a fun filled show in store this month.

We say goodbye to our Carousel of Questions, with Gill taking up the challenge for its final run. We started this segment back in October 2019 and it created so many memorable moments such as "What sort of question is that" and finding out everyone's favourite car park - parking lot for those across in the USA.

Now with the wedding season in full swing, we have a look at some of the offerings available from Disney fairytale weddings and discuss what we would chose for our own fantasy wedding. There is so much to choose from especially if you have an unlimited budget.

Send us a message or head over to our Facebook Community - The Wafflers' Arms to let us know what would be your fantasy Disney wedding.

Hope you enjoy the show. Waffle On!

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