Episode 67: Sounds of Walt Disney World – July 2022

It’s the middle of July and we are taken on a very special journey into the sounds in the parks – no not the musical sounds but, the ambient sounds that surround us and remind us of special places throughout Walt Disney World.

Join in the fun, as we try to guess where in the World some recordings were made but even more so, remind yourself of some of the incredible sounds that really do take you to your happy place.

We were joined by Jason Canapp of Here with the Magic, who has a podcast called Soundscapes where these special sounds become part of a binaural listening experience, which takes you to so many different places across Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Do try to immerse yourself in some of them and let the magic come to you. Jason was also given the chance to try our Carousel of Questions with some very interesting responses.

Hope you enjoy the Show and Waffle On!

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