Episode 66: The Conga – It’s an Epcot thing – July 2022

It’s July 2022 already and at the beginning of the summer season, we enjoy a low-down on Ben and Becca’s very recent trip back to WDW.

We consider what has changed since they travelled back in November 2021 and any new experiences they had, including staying at their home resort of Saratoga Springs and also Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction. 

Up for consideration is the recently made available UK offer for dining or merch credit for onsite stays and whether it would tempt our hard and fast off-site fans John and Claire to venture to a WDW hotel stay?

John completes his Carousel of Questions (it could be a long one so get comfortable!) and there is so much to talk about looking forward into our 4th year of GBMW! 

A few announcements about the future show shenanigans are part of this episode, so make sure you listen right until the very end! 

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