Episode 41: “Some Celebration, Huh?” – June 2021

For this month’s show Ben is in charge, as we take a trip back down memory lane as we reminisce and celebrate our 2nd anniversary of The GB Mickey Waffle.

We share the details on Disney’s latest offer for UK guests and whether it has influenced any of our plans and we hear some lovely messages from our friends and supporters of the show.

Those 3 things will be:

Ben also has his turn on presenting his “Come Disney With Me” which is a new segment which debuted in last month’s show. Make sure you go back and check that one out.

It’s a Wafflers’ take on the classic TV shows similar to Come Dine with Me, where every month, one member of the GBMW team will take the opportunity to present 3 things to their teammates and ask for their ratings and views!

A Ride or attraction 
A restaurant of eatery 
A show, parade or additional experience.  

Check out our Facebook Community – The Wafflers’ Arms or our website for the current leaderboard – http://www.gbmickeywaffle.com
You can find links to everything we do, including the weekly Wafflers’ Wednesday shows, the once a month Wafflers’ Assemble lives that happen on the 3rd Friday of every month (so set your reminder now for Friday 18th June!) plus our monthly shows on the 1st and 15th via our website – http://www.gbmickeywaffle.com, or @GBMickeyWaffle on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

So thank you to my fellow Wafflers for joining our Anniversary celebration with many more to come in the future. There is just one thing left to say…

Waffle On!

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