Episode 38: After Hours Shares A Waffle – April 2021

This month, we Share a Waffle’ with the whole Afterhours team, Jason Canapp, Collin Kendall and Carlos Eduardo Silva – will we survive to tell the tale?

Listen and find out!  John, Claire, Ben and Sammie welcome them back and share so much Disney chat. Having previously been on our shows individually, we welcomed back old friends and had so much more to discuss. We also turned the tables on them by seeing how closely they knew their wafflers with a surprising result.  A Waffle filled with Magic!  

You can find the Afterhours team through their Facebook page, also live on Facebook and YouTube every Thursday at 8pm EST in the USA / 1am for those in the UK.  

Jason can also be found at http://www.herewiththemagic.com and also the herewiththemagic facebook and youtube channels  Collin at http://www.guide4wdw.com plus check out his Instagram for some amazing photos Carlos is also found on Instagram @pontoorlando and @pontomiami. 

If you don’t speak Portuguese – he is always happy to help!  They have lots of new content coming up so check them out so you don’t miss any of it!  

If you have found us for the first time, or are a regular listener to The Great British Mickey Waffle, you can get in touch with us by email, waffleon@gbmickeywaffle.com or you can get in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @GBMickeyWaffle  or join our facebook community in The Wafflers Arms. 

Check out our newly refreshed and updated website at http://www.gbmickeywaffle.com  Our newly revamped monthly live show is on the third Friday of every month (April 16th) when all the usual Waffle fun continues both via podcast and on YouTube  Also join us our  weekly show ‘Wafflers’ Wednesday’ at 8pm UK time, (3pm Eastern in the USA) – for more Disney filled chat each and every week.  Enjoy the show and until the next time,

Stay Safe, and… Waffle on!!  

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