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“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

-Walt Disney

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Episode 35: The Fastpass and the Furious – March 2021

Summary In this month’s show, our Scottish Lass Sammie is hosting and firstly we recap what we have learnt in our recent episodes about the different options when it comes to Orlando accommodation.   We discuss our favourite options and if our minds have been swayed from our usual choices.…

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Episode 34: DizneyDan Shares a Waffle – February 2021

Summary For the next in our ‘Shares a Waffle series’ we are joined by DizneyDan for a show filled with Disney memories, fun, Sanaa bread service and lots, lots more – even cleaning windows at the Cali Grill!  John, Sammie, Ben and Becca welcome Dan to share a waffle and…

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Episode 33: Bar Wars: The Rise of Skyliner – February 2021

Summary For this months ‘Waffle’, Ben is in charge and we take to the skies in one of Disney’s finest transportation options. Disney’s Skyliner. Unfortunately the Millennium Falcon was being repaired after we managed to crash it during Smugglers Run. Once we had recovered by riding Rise of The Resistance…

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